We Are Getting Married! We joyfully invite you to share our happiness as we unite in marriage on May 27th, 2018


How We Met Meeting each other for the first time was one of the most special moments of our lives. I met James online and after talking for a while, we decided to meet in person. I was so nervous as I drove to pick up James from his house. When I arrived, James hopped in my car and we were off on an adventure. For the first few moments, we shared an awkward silences and bashful smiles. Since I am the kind of girl who always speaks her mind, I finally broke the ice. “What do you want to do?!” I asked James. We both laughed in that giddy, but nervous kind of way. James took me down to a park on Lake Washington, where we shared stories about our lives. Neither of us even considered checking the time and were lost in that surreal moment with each other. Time just flew by that day. As the sun was setting, we went to dinner. From that very first moment, I knew I wanted to see James again. We’ve spent almost every day together since then. We’ve truly become best friends. We are inseparable.


Meet The Party We wouldn't be able to do this without them.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

If you love taking pictures, please help us document our wedding by using

the hashtag #APairOfKrauses


Rosehill Community Center

304 Lincoln Ave, Mukilteo, WA 98275, USA ( Google Maps )

2:00 PM - Ceremony


The ceremony will be held outdoors at the Rosehill Community Center. Please arrive 1 Hour Earlier @ 1:00 PM.



2:45 PM - Wedding Party Photos



3:45 PM - Dinner Is Served


Join us for a home cooked & smoked meal prepared by Sandy Licano (Nicole's Mother), Shawn & Gage Denton.

4 PM - Toast


Toast will be made from fathers & mothers of the bride and groom, followed by speeches from the maid of honors and best men.



5 PM - Music & Dancing



9:00 PM - Drive Safe


And that’s a wrap! Thank you for celebrating with us on this wonderful day. Don’t leave anything behind and remember to drive safe!



Any Gifts Are Accepted Personal gifts of household items or sentimental pieces are greatly appreciated. We are currently saving for our future home and we would greatly welcome monetary gifts as well. It will hopefully save you time and hassle in shopping, as well as help us reach our goal more quickly.

Registry Number: 544938169


What Are You Waiting For? We would greatly appreciate it if you could respond before January 1st, 2018.




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